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Fertility Week #MenMatter

Fertility Week is in full swing and today the focus is on men. Male factor infertility accounts for roughly half of infertility cases, yet their voices are rarely heard and support for them is limited. I would like to see that change. The word I hear in my consulting room more than any other is 'lonely'. Men speak of hiding their feelings in order to protect their partners. They tell me about crying in their cars or in the shower and about distancing themselves from friends with children or from social engagements where children will be present. The longer infertility is an issue, the lonelier the experience of it can be. I have seen the impact that infertility can have on couples, so I hope that #Fertility Week will encourage more men to seek support when they need it and not to spend too long suffering in silence. If you don't feel ready to talk to someone in person there are men only, closed Facebook groups that can feel like a safe place to start.

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